Tapes are of various types and sizes. They are mostly made of nylon, polyester or Kevlar. The reason why these fabrics are used to make tapes is that they are extremely strong and hard. Also, the slippery material helps to handle the strap without any difficulty. Starting from sports to medical field they are used in almost every sector. In the sports field, they are used to make bands, harness and many other things. In trekking, these tapes are used as a harness to tie tents, for climbing and lifting. Elastic Tape is a special kind of tape that is made up of strong fabrics. It is either woven in the flatted tape form or in the tubular rope form.


These tapes that have elasticity in them are highly used in the medical fields. A special kind of weaving machine is used to weave these kinds of strong tapes. The quality and length of the tapes do vary from the purpose. For example, if used in garments the tapes are mostly elastic whereas if used in the military field, the tapes are extremely strong and non-stretchable thereby helping to hold things and pull heavy objects easily. Even for climbing these tapes acts like wonders.


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