VIE France




The task of all teachers does not end with classroom instruction. The job of teachers, at least truly great teachers, is to inspire their students and help them become well-rounded citizens. Part of this comes from meaningful life experiences, such as studying abroad opportunities. In particular, for students with a background in French, an ideal opportunity is France student travel. France is an ideal destination, with its beautiful sights, rich culture and quality of life, it is difficult to find another better destination.

VIE France offers study abroad programs focused entirely on France. They have decades of experience helping students, teachers, and parents alike to make their dreams to study abroad in France a reality. For organizing teachers, VIE France is an invaluable resource, as they take care of all the little details that help make studying abroad a truly wonderful experience. For instance, their Family Stay program allows students total immersion in the French language and culture, since they live with a French family. They organize activities so that the whole host family can spend time with your student so that the experience extends beyond formal classroom knowledge. In addition, the host families participating in the Family Stay program are not paid. They are people who love to share their culture and their home.

Visit VIE France at their website to learn more about their study abroad programs and how they can assist organizing teachers and parents to create a successful and memorable experience for their young students.