Trash Chute Hydraulic Closer



Most buildings use the chute doors for trash or linen, they really come in handy when you are carrying big bags of garbage and ready to slide these bags down with ease. If you are living in a building, where chute doors are used for trash then you need to make sure that every part of your trash chute door is working properly. The most common problem people face is that the Trash Chute Door Closer is prone to get rusty after a long period of time and doesn’t work properly. If you are facing similar problem then you need to inspect your chute door and make sure that parts attached to your trash chute door are not broken.


You can easily find out if your trash chute door closer is broken or not, all you have to do is open your trash chute door, you will notice the small piston attached to your chute door which extends up to 17 inches. That’s your root of your problem, make sure that the small ball socket is not chipped or broken and inspect the hydraulic piston whether it has cracks or not which is leading to air leakage. If it is broken, you can easily buy a new Trash Chute Hydraulic Closer from this link: . You won’t need help of any expert to replace it, just make sure you don’t damage something while inspecting which can void your warranty. Usually, they come with a complete for you to replace the chute closer on your own.