Things to do in Minneapolis




Have you ever wondered about Things to do in Minneapolis? Perhaps you are curious about visiting the city or planning a vacation nearby. Maybe you will be in the area looking at colleges for your children or planning a move. In any case, whether your visit is long or short or just a plan for now, it never hurts to get insider information on the best activities and places to visit, so that whenever you find yourself in Minneapolis, you will know what things simply cannot be missed. What better way to do this than with the expert advice of two Minnesota natives who actually live in the city? This is the mission of the team behind Explore MPLS.

Explore MPLS is a website dedicated to recommending the best places to visit in Minneapolis. You will find restaurant recommendations fit for any kind of occasion from the most casual to elegant dining experiences. There are also recommendations for outdoor activities and shopping. Another specialty is their pet friendly recommendations, as part of the team behind Explore MPLS is a four legged “reviewer”. There is something for everyone in Minneapolis, even for those traveling with pets.


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