Servidores Dedicados




Now that we are more than a decade into the 21st century the future is definitely upon us. More and more, old fashioned manufacturing factories and jobs are disappearing, and the technologies and business of the internet and digital age are emerging strong and stronger. Companies old and new, big and small, traditional and modern are all embracing the world wide web and as well as using the internet for marketing and connecting with potential customers or audience making use of technologies and software to run their businesses.


However, keeping up to date and maintaining computer hardware is a challenging task, and not one that many companies have the expertise to deal with. One cost-effective solution is to use a provider of dedicated servers or Servidores Dedicados to build, run and look after your computer server needs. If you aren’t sure what a computer server is, all you need to understand is that it is the name given to a computer that is set up specifically to handle either the storage, transit or processing of computer data on a computer network. The most familiar example would be website hosting – whereby the files for a website are stored remotely but then made available to requests via the internet to view or modify that data.


The gold standard for computer server hosting is having a dedicated server. This could either be your own private computer server system that you build, maintain and house yourself – many smaller companies might have a server room, to house their company network processors, whilst large global companies and governments will have purpose build large-scale facility’s with 1000’s computers, multiple high speed internet connections, uninterruptable power sources and cooling – or you can use a computer server provide to either outsource or lease whatever is required. This can often work out much cheaper and allows you to concentrate on growing your core business rather than worrying about network outages or hardware failure.


As long as you choose a dedicated server, and not a virtual, cloud or shared server you can be assured that you have exclusive use of a computer server. Make sure also you are contracting a server provider directly and not going through a reseller who will add a fee without adding any value. A dedicated server gives better performance (i.e. you don’t find your access throttled when a shared user overloads the system) there is fewer security concerns, and you will have your own unique IP address. A dedicated server is required If you are planning to run an online store, handle sensitive data or carry out financial transactions.


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