In this era of advanced technology, almost everything is possible. There was a time when writers had to wait for the publishers to approve their write up and then only they had a chance to get their dreams printed on papers. If you had gone through all these already then it is time to break the shackle as you can now enjoy the benefits of Self-publishing.


In this way you can easily publish your own book and no publisher is going to be judge this time around. But to publish your book, you will certainly need a publisher. So, you need to be careful while choosing one.



Ask the publisher for the time limit that will be required to publish your book. Talk about the royalty amount or the percentage that he wishes to offer you. In case you think the royalty amount is not good enough, you can stick to a particular percentage that you think is good enough.


Also, ask the publisher for total control over your book. From choosing the cover to editing of the book, in every case your decision should be judged as final. Also, it is imperative that you talk with the publisher and find out his way of thinking and understanding towards your book. This can really help you choosing the best of the publishers for your book.


In case you haven’t finalized any publisher yet, you can visit They are really good at publishing any write ups and do offer a sound contract as well. Just give them a call and you will be able to get the best of the services while you sit at home.