Sarah Morrow



Jazz music is a truly awe-inspiring art form.  It is all about the ability of instrumentalists to collaborate, to come together in seamless harmony while maintaining their individual musicality, much like a “sonic gumbo”.  Because of the level of intricacy and skill involved in jazz music, for many instrumentalists, it is the other artists who they share the stage with that cements their legacy.  Jazz trombonist Sarah Morrow has been around the world and back again.  Over her distinguished career, she has play alongside greats from the iconic Ray Charles to funk legend Bootsy Collins.



A native of Pickerington, Ohio, Sarah Morrow was born with an affinity for music.  She started out playing the clarinet as a young girl, and at the age of 12 she made a life changing decision, she traded in her clarinet for a trombone.  She has said in interviews that she feels like the trombone chose her instead of the other way around.  Even with her new found love for the trombone, it wouldn’t be until Sarah was 16 that she would fall in love with jazz music after attending a Columbus Jazz Orchestra concert.


Check out her Wikipedia page out. Sarah attended and graduated from Ohio University, after which she began doing small gigs with local jazz ensembles.  Morrow’s career began to take off in 1995 when she became the first female instrumentalist to play in the famed Ray Charles’ orchestra.  Since then, Morrow has worked with funk legends Bootsy Collins and Catfish Collins.  She has toured with organist Rhoda Scott, the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and  legendary saxophonists Pee Wee Ellis and Hal “Cornbread” Singer.  While playing alongside so many greats, Sarah Morrow has established herself as one of the stars in the constellation of jazz.