Ronald Perelman



Some successful business people and investors seem to be born with a natural talent and skills to identify great business deals. One of these characters is the well known business man and consummate dealmaker Ronald Perelman.  He got his start in the business world very early, as a young elementary school student, regularly accompanying his father, Raymond Perelman, to business and board meetings where large business deals and business decisions where routinely  made. This must have certainly created a considerable impression in a young Mr. Perelman, so much so that he followed in the footsteps of his father. To this end, he attended the prestigious Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated with a degree in Business. A little later, he also obtained a Master’s Degree. He is a generous contributor to his alma mater, having donated millions of dollars to the University of Pennsylvania, as well as other universities around the country.


During his first year attending Wharton Business School he completed his first successful buyout with the assistance of his father. The acquired Esslinger Brewery and, one year later, sold it for a handsome profit margin, all while still a business student.


Ron Perelman has managed to create quite a varied business emporium, with considerable stakes in disparate industries, ranging from entertainment, to jewelers, to restaurants, the automobile industry, and even cosmetics. In fact, he has a considerable investment in Revlon, the mammoth cosmetics and beauty company, as well as in AM General, the maker of Humvees.