Restaurant Marrakech

Are you a fan of Italian cuisine? Would you be interested in enjoying authentic Italian food in a sophisticated Restaurant Marrakech based in Morocco? If so, then you may want to consider dining at Mod Milano 1933. The restaurant is very stylish, with an upbeat modern atmosphere and diners can enjoy delicious Italian dishes that have been prepared by a chef with many years of experience.

Located in the trendy Hivernage district of Morocco, Mod Milano 1933 is a restaurant, lounge and night club which sometimes features live music and hosts special events and parties. The restaurant is not open during the day but opens at 7 pm each night. The menu was created by executive chef Francesco Montano, who also oversees the preparation of the food. Montano created a menu of traditional Italian dishes that have some modern flair, by using current Mediterranean and European dishes as inspiration. Fresh and seasonal ingredients are used.

If you want to try a new gourmet dish, consider the Risotto Acquerrllo, the Sicilian Salad or the Octopus with white beans and fennels. Or you can go traditional and choose from one of the many pasta dishes or pizza choices on the menu. Dessert choices include chocolate cake, raspberry tart and tiramisu. Along with your dinner, enjoy one of the many wines they have to offer as well. They also have a wide selection of cocktails. All the many positive reviews the restaurant has received online compliment the chef, food and overall dining experience. To learn more, check out the website: