QROPS Pension Transfer




Would you not like to maximize your investment’s profits? Anybody would probably choose to obtain a higher yield on their money every time because this means greater opportunities in the future and a more comfortable lifestyle. This is particularly important as retirement nears because it means living on a fixed income that is still very much subject to tax laws and market trends and you want to feel secure. This is why your retirement fund should be as secure as it possible can. After all, it is your livelihood at stake! If you built up your retirement fund in the United Kingdom and are planning to live abroad, without regard to your citizenship or immigrant status, a QROPS, or Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme might be ideal for you and your investment. It consists of a pension transfer to the country you are now living in, to be paid in the currency of your choosing and in the bank that is up to you to decide. Since you would no longer be living in the United Kingdom, it also allows you to avoid the United Kingdom’s tax system, which tends to have higher taxes than other countries.



Rest assured that, when dealing with a pension transfer specialist your investment will be secure. Unlike other unprofessional and unreliable pension transfer experts that had been making the rounds, at QROPS specialists they are knowledgeable of their business and they put customers first, so your pension transfer will be secure.