Payday Loans



A Payday loans are type of Short Term Loans that are typically just taken out for a few days or weeks to cover expenses or unexpected costs before you receive your next month’s salary. The idea then is to pay back the loan, to quickly erase your debts and as a bonus improve your credit score. If you find yourself living pay check to pay check then these types of Short Term Loans can be a lifesaver in keeping you afloat, especially when life throws you an unexpected challenge such as a car breakdown or veterinary bill.



If you live in the UK, PiggyBank would be an excellent choice for a payday loan. They can lend amounts form as little as £100. They come highly recommended with a gold 5 star trusted rating from feefo, in part because they put the lender in charge of their loan. Using their custom loan calculator sliders, you can design exactly the loan you need; decide the amount you wish to borrow, how long you want to borrow it for, when and how you want to pay it back. Their website automatically calculates your repayments and the total amount to be paid is broken down for complete transparency.


If you have a bad credit rating, need access to money fast or just don’t have time to go to a high street bank then take a look at the Piggybank website at: to find out how to apply and learn about their responsible lending practices.