Myles Elgaard Actor



Myles Elgaard, born to parents Ray and Gina Elgaard on 12th February, 1994, is a Canadian actor who is known for his roles in Dirty Cop Secrets, Titan’s Gym, Sibling Pressure and others. His father was a prominent football player while his mother was a teacher. Myles has an older sibling. As a high school student, he played football for his school Palo Verde. His great performance helped win the Outstanding Linemen Award consecutively for three times.



Once out of school, he joined the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and studied Criminal Justice there. After successfully passing college, he joined the police forces at Las Vegas. He continued being a part of the police forces for full two years during which his excellent performance earned him the “Commendable Action” award. However, he didn’t continue for long in the service as he felt that he wasn’t enjoying his work. Thereafter, he decided to learn acting at the 1 Media Productions Acting Academy.


Soon, he discovered that he was good at it and decided to continue with it. His talent was soon recognized, and he was cast by Dan Hewitt-Owens to star in his short films and television series. His performance was lauded by the audience and even his director believes that Myles would surely fulfill his own dream of becoming the best in the world. According to him, Myles is making progress with every project that he undertakes and surely will be very popular very soon. To know more about Myles, visit