When you go on the internet, every website you visit is recorded by your ISP. How can they track your activity on the internet? Well, the answer is simple, through your IP address. Your IP address (Internet Protocol) is provided to you by your ISP so that whenever you visit something, all the data will be transferred to that specific IP address. You can find your current IP address by visiting My-IP‘s website. However, it is highly unlikely that the IP address you have now will be the same tomorrow because your IP address can be easily changed by simply turning on & off your internet device.


If you want to change your IP address, you can simply ask your ISP to change it for you. It will hardly make a difference though, in case you travel a lot and switch to different networks along the way, such as shopping malls or coffee shops, then your IP address will the one of that coffee shop or shopping mall, and that is controlled by their ISP (Internet Service Providers).


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