Menopause Symptoms



One of the most common Menopause Symptoms that are found in a woman is hot flush. But what is this hot flush? It is a sudden rise in body temperature that makes the upper chest; neck and face radiate heat intensely. During this heat radiation, the skin color changes and becomes red due to the excess heat in the body. Skin rashes are also found. During this hot flush, the heart starts beating fast and breathing problem occurs. The main reason behind such problem is stress and anxiety caused by hormonal changes. It has been found the sudden low level of estrogens in the body leads to anxiety and stress.



The symptoms faced by a woman during this age are not that easy to handle. Women are likely to gain weight and have vaginal problems. Some women also have urine issues where they have unwanted urination anytime any situation. The lack of sexual interests or energy at this period gives them mood swings. Doctors recommend doing exercising, drinking an adequate quantity of water and spending time on productive activities.



Apart from the home remedies, one needs to take herbal medicines that are available at specialty stores. If you visit you will get to know more about Menopause Symptoms and treatment. One such efficient herbal medicine is Menorhythm. The product is mainly known for its hot flush relief power. Menorhythm is a formulation that is made out of ancient herbs that have treated women for decades. The main purpose is to stop hot flush and make your menopause days much better!