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Public Relations (PR) is defined as the professional maintenance of a favourable public image of a company or other organisation or a famous person. In effect this means that a public relations company will leverage their longstanding relationships with the press and influential persons in order to control, manipulate and spin information that is published about their clients. Whether the agenda is to spread a good news piece and increase public awareness, or to shut down an unfavourable interview or embarrassing news story, there are a range of methods that the PR professional can utilise to manipulate public opinion. Some examples include producing a communication or marketing campaign, coordinating advertising and branding, maintaining social media channels, organising events and public outreach, organising press interviews, training company spokespeople in preparation and crisis management.



Both an art and a science, public relations require analysing of trends, predicting outcomes and strategic thinking to influence public thinking, an ever-challenging and changing task in the modern world of 24-7 online media. Every organisation that interacts with the public will utilised some form of PR from financial companies, celebrities and even government departments.


Media Maison offers a full public relations service, working round the clock to go above and beyond utilising their seasoned and sustained contacts with the national media outlets, bloggers and online lifestyle sites that can provide results that deliver. To find out more about their team and work ethos,  get in touch check via their LinkedIn profile at the following website address: