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If you live in the greater Santa Barbara area and are looking for the tools to transform your old yard into a beautiful functional landscape than look no further. Lindsey Zero is the owner of a landscape design/build company called Silver Lead Landscapes. He is a certified Landscape Contractor that understands the varying needs of his clients. Along the california coast, yards are not limited by anything but the imagination. To some, a landscape might need to function as a useful piece of property where plants can be grown or people can gather for meetings and parties. For others, the chance to envision their backyard into a sunny oasis is a dream come true. These are the tough decisions that a client is faced with but also the most exciting part.



Landscape Designer, Lindsey Zero, can do a majority of the heavy lifting after you seek out guidance during your landscaping project. Silver Leaf is a company with the proper tools and capabilities to work with clients at any level whether that be from offering tips to complete landscape design and transformation. Landscaping requires the work of a professional that can provide commitment to a client. With the help of a contractor who sees the art in landscapes, a client can work to make sure they receive the most function and aesthetic beauty from there space. There is little argument that Silver Leaf Landscapes offers some of the best work in Santa Barbara. Owning the company is a task in itself, but Lindsey Zero (design contractor) aids in every stage of operation to ensure customer satisfaction


Customization is a word that Silver Leaf does not take lightly. It is a key part of the process from custom design to custom installation. The client is able to help in every part of the creative process. Lindsey Zero hopes to use his design elements to improve environmental and aesthetic quality in the community. He assures that the types of services offered will amount to a beautiful finished product.


Types of Design Services Offered

  • Guidance and Consultation for project improvement
  • Budgeting and Estimating costs of Services
  • Detailed planning for concepts and plant plots
  • Getting the right permits and Documents to get the job done!


Lindsey Zero (Landscape Contractor) made sure that his company was apt to aid in all steps of the process. The list of construction services offered can be tailored to fit a clients needs.


Types of Construction Services Offered:


  • Tree Removal and Hauling Services
  • Gas and Water services (including but not limited to drainage)
  • Custom Stone Work, Boulders, Masonry, & Flagstone
  • Creating unique features like fire pits or water fountains
  • Custom Carpentry of Landscape Features
  • Irrigation System Installation (Complete with periodic maintenance)


And all of these are done with a careful attention to detail and an open minded attitude. When trying to decide the magnitude of a landscaping project, an individual will soon realize that a true craftsman should be able to handle a job regardless of what it entails. This company promises to use all of their resources to bring a new artistic light to any landscape. His services are available in the Santa Barbara area. This includes the areas of Goleta, Ventura, Hope Ranch, and Montecito. Lindsey is certified as an ISA Arborist and a licensed Landscape Contractor. Silver Leaf Landscaping for this reason only provides professional quality work. When looking for the best landscape designer, what matters is their dedication to their work. Silver Leaf Landscapes does not settle for mediocrity but strives for concept completion and you can find more information at

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