LaFerrari Aperta Price



The latest luxury limited edition car produced by Ferrari is the LaFerrari Aperta. This impressive feat of engineering and design has some really great Laferrari aperta Specs. To begin with, it is an amazing sight with its futuristic look that still manages to preserve the key characteristic look of a classic Ferrari coupé. Even though it is a convertible, it manages to preserve the aerodynamic qualities of Ferrari cars. This was in fact one of the main issued engineers and designers were confronted with.

How to make the LaFerrari Aperta aerodynamically sound, even when driven with the top down? The answer to this problem is the angled wind-stop installed behind the driver. This allows for the air that enters the cabin to be collected and routed to exit between the seats. The LaFerrari Aperta is also capable of reaching sixty two mph in three seconds. This is thanks to a powerful engine and torque.

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