Kitchen Countertops



The kitchen is the heart of many homes, where couples, roommates and families spend time cooking, eating and socialising. With so much activity its unsurprising that this room takes a beating and can end up looking tired and worn all too quickly. Due to the costs, time and disruption involving in a kitchen renovation though many times people only dream of a new kitchen, but there is one way that you can quickly update your kitchen and for a minimum cost.


Resurfacing Kitchen Countertops is an alternative to replacement and can provide a new worktop surface with the look and touch of a premium material such as granite or Corian but costing around 20% of these materials. Simply changing the worktop can transform the entire kitchen design, particularly if you current worksurfaces are looking worn, out-dated or just not to your taste. Similarly, if you worksurfaces are particularly worn, damaged, chipped or even cracked, resurfacing can give them a new lease on life. As well as countertops you can resurface just about anything including tiling, splashbacks or even the kitchen sink!


If you are one of those people who do not like having home renovations done due to the mess, noise and constant comings and goings of various workmen and contractors then you will be pleased to hear that kitchen resurfacing is a much quicker alternative to demolition and reinstallation of kitchen countertops. With an experienced technician the entire process can be completed within one day, and the drying time is generally less than 24 hours, meaning you can get back to using your kitchen the very next day. The process is as follows; first the original worksurfaces should be cleaned down and then roughed up with a sander. Alongside this, surrounding areas are taped up and protective sheeting is used to effectively create a spray booth within the kitchen. Any chips, cracks or other damage is filled in, and any bevelled or rounded profiling added before the three-part process to resurfacing begins. Step one: an epoxy primer is painted over the worktop surfaces. Step two: the StoneFlecks coating is sprayed over the epoxy primer. The StoneFlecks coating reacts with the epoxy resin to begin the hardening and bonding process. Step three: a high gloss acrylic top coat is applied. Altogether these three steps create a tough, durable and beautiful worksurface that closely resembles a high-end stone worktop. The final surface is completely non-porous meaning it has superior stain resistance and is remarkably easy to clean. All Renew Resurfacing countertops come with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.


If you would like to find out more about countertop remodeling, and discuss your design needs, you can contact Renew Resurfacing in Omaha. As a family owned business they work extremely hard to provide elevated levels of customer satisfaction and welcome many repeat customers. You can find more information, get in touch, and see many examples of their spectacular renovation projects on their ‘Renew’ website at the following link: