Kids ATVs



A terrific way to instill a love of the outdoors and a sense of adventure in your kids is by buying them a quad or dirt bike, so they can explore their landscape and have the independence to drive themselves without waiting until they are old enough for a driving licence. With the right training, safety checks and gear – including a helmet – it doesn’t have to be a dangerous sport. Teaching your kids to be responsible and drive within their capabilities is also an important life lesson.



Kids ATVs, such as quads or trikes, are generally fitted with lower powered engines and have easy to operate breaks and controls along with a lower center of gravity for increased stability and to prevent tip over. If you have two kids they can carry multiple passengers, hopefully without too many arguments about whose turn it is to drive! They are great for steep or muddy terrain or just bombing along fields and tracks.


Kids Dirt Bikes are cheaper, lighter and more maneuverable than all-terrain vehicles. If you are looking to get your kid into competitive motor sports, dirt bike racing is a great place to start. They are also great for exploring single-track trails which would otherwise be too narrow for all terrain vehicles.


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