Since the beginning of Islam, the faith which emerged sometime around the end of the 6th century, it has been part of cultural and religious practice for women to observe rules set by religious leaders on how they should dress appropriately. In particular religious scholars teach that women should protect and conceal their beauty from all other men than their husband – although an exception for close male members of their family, such as fathers, grandfathers, uncles and cousins is also made. This practice still continues, and traditional garments known by various names such as the Hijab, Niqab, Khimar and Burqa are worn by Muslim women across different continents to hide variously their head, face and upper body.


Depending on the level of coverage required, either set by moral code or personal preferences, Muslim women might choose from the following headgear; 1. The Hijab is any piece of material such as a headscarf or veil which is draped over the head and upper chest and pinned in place. Its purpose is to conceal the head only – the face will still be visible and in some cases parts of the hair may also be visible. 2. Khimar is a garment that is like a cloak or poncho but designed to be worn over the head with just the face visible. It provides more coverage of the upper body, generally it is longer than a Hijab and will cover the shoulders as well as the chest all the way around. 3. The Niqab is a garment which cover the bead, neck and shoulders and also the upper and lower portions of the face, leaving just the eyes visible. Finally, if total head, body and face coverage is required: 4. The Burqa is a garment which is worn over the head and drapes down to the floor. It completely obscures the face, including the eyes, with just a fine grate or mesh panel around the eyes allowing the women inside to see out.


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