Jack Simony



Jack Simony is an experienced and world renowned business man, so much so that he has also become a highly demanded speaker and writer on matters of finance, litigation, and business around the world. He is frequently invited to participate in academic forums and share his wealth of experience and knowledge  in the field. Mr. Simony has an ability to communicate his vast knowledge and experiences in business to a variety of audiences easily and clearly, especially when it comes to clearly explain the practical applications of several negotiation methodologies on a real world business environment. Perhaps this is why he personally oversees the course content of the seminars at the negotiation institute. The negotiation institute has, since 1966, provided valuable negotiation skills seminars to over one million and two hundred and fifty thousand students around the world. Some of their previous clients include prestigious educational institutions, business associations, governments, and even individuals.


Amid his extraordinary success in business, Mr. Simony is also a very generous donor to many worthy causes, as well as a fierce advocate of many not for profit organizations. He is also known as an exemplary human rights advocate, including a three year term serving as representative to the United Nations with human Rights advocates international.


In terms of educational background, Jack Simony has two master’s degree, one in business administration from the hautes etudes commerciales, located in Paris, France. His other master’s degree is in the field of financial strategy from the prestigious SAID business school at Oxford university.