Inverted Row Benefits




A fun, easy and very oriented to results way of giving your workout routine a boost is to incorporate exercises using an agility ladder. Just as it sounds, agility ladders are simple contraptions consisting of a regular ladder, which can be made of different materials and for all types of budgets. Typically, a regular agility ladder bought in a normal brick and mortar sporting goods store or online will only set you back about twenty dollars. Even so, you can fashion your own agility ladder for a lot less by simply drawing one on the floor. This does not necessarily imply marking permanently your floor or damaging it. This can be done by simply marking it with chalk or tracing with adhesive tape. Some would even argue that a drawn in agility ladder works better than a regular one made with rope and for a lot less money! This is just one of the agility ladder benefits.

Instead of buying a large workout gimmick that will take a lot of space in your living room and will be used seldom, spend a lot less money without ruining your décor.

Another one of the agility ladder benefits is that its use can be tailored for all fitness levels. Even though agility ladders have been traditionally used by professional athletes to increase the speed of their movements and their capacities to react quickly, anyone who is abled bodied to exert some physical effort can actually use and benefit from agility ladders. This is because the exercises are performed at your own rhythm and according to your fitness level. Beginners can start by moving through the agility ladder from side to side or front to back, while more advance movements can include weights to make the movements more challenging. As always, act cautiously and with awareness of your own physical abilities. Do not forget that another one of the agility ladder benefits  pertains to increased weight loss potential, when associated with a high intensity interval training style routine, or HIIT as it is more commonly known. With these type of routines, more calories can be burned within a shorter period of time if performed properly.

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