The world of cryptocurrencies offers many exciting opportunities for investment in the blockchain technologies behind the new digital currencies. One pioneering approach for the release of new coins is using the crowdfunding model of ICOs to raise investment capital in order to support the development, exchange support and marketing of a new cryptocoin. Investors are offered a coin token as a reward for their financial support of a project. Once the project goes live, and the coin is then released to the market, the hope is that it’s value will far exceed the effective costs leading to huge profits.



Certainly, fortunes have been made this way, the Ethereum coin was released via an ICO in 2004 raising over 18.4 million dollars in investment funds; today the market cap stands at $87 billion US dollars. On the flip side, the unregulated world of cryptocurrency is attractive to fraudsters and there have been a number of high profile ICO scams.


With more than 200 ICOs taking place in 2018 it’s somewhat overwhelming to consider and choose which projects are the most promising. A great website that provides a calendar of upcoming ICOs is Coin Market Plus – so you can be sure not to miss out on any ICO opportunities. Their ICO listing can be found at the following web address: https://www.coinmarketplus.com/initial-coin-offering-list/ address. The team at Coin Market Plus also use their expertise and industry knowledge to analyse the data and white papers, along with the teams behind each ICO in order to present you with the best available information.