Flexible PCB



Flexible printed circuit boards (PCB) are a great way of miniaturizing the device because it reduces the number of wires that have the potential of failure and replacing those wires (rigid circuit board) with the Flexible PCB that requires way less soldering joints. It is a revolutionary step for the engineer, because it mounts into their designs, and makes it more reliable and durable.



Flexible PCB has the tendency to be bent over a million times and it would still work under extreme circumstances because of the material that is used to make it work. Rigid circuit boards are prone to malfunction whenever there is environmental stress, such as extreme temperature, but that is not the case with the flexible PCBs because of ‘Polyamide’, it allows the circuit to cool down sooner and has a very high melting point.


In the beginning, Mars rover design was based on the rigid circuit, but that would cause it to carry unnecessary weight, but that design was completely replaced by the flexible printed circuit board because it was more durable and has less potential of failure. If you want to want to learn more about flexible printed circuit boards and want to place an order, then it is advised you to choose a notable source, such as Rayming PCB & Assembly, they are absolutely best in providing exceptional circuits for your devices. You can check them out by clicking on this link:  https://www.raypcb.com/ you will also find a wide array of helpful guides on this subject.