Fire Curtain



We all have seen our fair share of fire accidents, whether you’re looking at a building on fire on the news or from your eyes, one thing is for sure that it is truly terrifying. You cannot help but hope that no one would get hurt and that could only happen if the building has a problem fire safety system. You are legally required to have a proper plan set out in an event of fire in some countries. There are several places where there is an increased risk of fire from breaking out, such as hotel. Hotels generally have commercial kitchens, and according to NPFA; cooking equipment is the leading cause of the fire accident. This is why most hotel owners have started installing Fire Curtains in their buildings, they play a vital role in containing fire at one place, so that you can evacuate without taking any damage.



The main purpose of Fire Curtains is pretty self-explanatory, they are made from material such as e-glass or fiberglass that can withstand an immense amount of heat (Up to 600 Degrees). Typically fire curtains are linked with the fire alarm, so whenever there is an event of fire, it can deploy on its own and prevent the fire from progressing any further. Sometimes, fire curtains come with a fire alarm of their own, regardless of which fire alarm you will use, one thing is for sure that it is certainly better than deploying the curtains manually, as it can be a time consuming task and in that time, fire could have already done the damage. In situations like that, you don’t have much time to reach to it, this is why precautionary measures are taken beforehand to prevent the damage, that can often lead to death. Typically, there are three types of fire curtains. Smoke curtains are designed to prevent the poisonous smoke from getting inside and containing it at one place. Fire curtains are made from special material that can withstand extreme heat, thus eliminating the risk of fire from spreading any further. Hybrid Curtains have properties of both fire curtains and smoke curtains, they are usually installed at the narrow places, such as staircases and elevators because those are the place that have good pressure of air flow, and fire could spread through that.


In some countries you are legally required to have Fire curtains installed at your building, especially if it is a hotel, because hotels are always at high risk of a potential fire accident due to the cooking equipment. There is practically no way to stop the fire from breaking out in the fire place, accidents can happen anywhere, but what you can do is to take precautionary measures in order to minimize the damage. If you want to know more about fire curtains, then you need to introduce yourself to A1S Group, as they are leading manufacturers, suppliers, and installers of fire curtains. You can learn more about A1S Group from here: