Fair Trade Products



Are you concerned about the conditions of workers and farmers in developing countries and how they are maintained? Do you think about the worker that made your last product? Are they exploited, underpaid, forced to work in unsafe conditions or even worse was it a trafficked child that made the product? Does that worker get paid enough to pay for essential food, shelter, education, healthcare and community development? If these things concern you, check out the products at Fair Trade Home Decor. Fair trade is a movement designed to prevent unsafe working conditions in developing countries. It ensures that workers are paid promptly and in an amount that enables them to purchase proper housing, food, education and community development. It takes a tough stance on child trafficking and labor exploitation. Workers support the environment by recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming products. Fair Trade’s key goal is to help communities sustain future development and future protection of the environment.



When you buy a Fair Trade Products it will have the mark which indicates to you that you paid enough for the worker who made the product to work in a safe environment and to be paid enough to pay for the essentials of life such as nutritious food, adequate housing, education, healthcare and community development. You will know that the community is practicing environmental stewardship recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming products. You will know that Fair Trade takes a tough stance against child trafficking and labor exploitation. You can display your product proudly knowing that you have contributed to the eradication of unsafe work environments, unfair pay rates and child exploitation and trafficking. Our products sustain the cultures in which they were made. They are handcrafted, well-made durable products that will give you joy for years to come. Come check out our collection at https://www.fairtradefusion.com/