It’s a difficult job to handle a big organization and as an owner it becomes really difficult as you have to deal with a lot of problems with various softwares and applications which are being used in your organization. Apart from these, there can be issues and crashes with your application and servers which will lead to inaccessibility of your data. This may even interrupt your daily work and that won’t be good for your business.



At times it can be really difficult to get the stored data out of these inaccessible files and this is a serious issue if you are using Exchange Server mailboxes. Whenever there is a fault or a server crash, the files gets stored in .edb files. To get these data sorted, you will have to convert these .edb files to .pst files. You can definitely do this directly, but to maintain data integrity you need to use any 3rd party EDB to PST converter. This will make sure you are able to read those files and the information stored in those .edb files are intact while the conversion is done.


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