Planning to expand your business? Well, you have an uphill task at hand. Expanding your business will require more investment, more employees, more resources, and obviously, more work on your part. However, since ample investment and resources are not always available, it is important that you optimize the use of available resources and capital so that you get more output than that was previously obtainable. You can ask your multi-talented employees to look after more than one domain, share, and allocate resources to different departments so that none go waste and so on.



Since your business is going to increase, the workload on your accountant or accounts department would increase as well. They will have to carry out more functionalities than ever. This necessitates the employment of more people who can manage the extra workload so that everything can run smoothly. However, this would mean spending more money on the employee, which will eat into your profits. But if you do not want to do, there is an easy way out as well. You can use an accounting software to take some workload off your existing employees so that they can invest more time into newer and more difficult things that come up with business expansion. You can let the software do the account maintenance job while your employees can plan, financial strategies, develop financial plans, etc. that will help in business growth.


To help you in this endeavor, Galaxima Faktury has come up with an online accounting software that will take care of your various accounts-related tasks. From generating proforma invoices to creating Dobropis, you can do any accounting task with the use of this online tool. The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and requires minimum or no technical or financial knowledge, making it a great choice for accountants, businesses, and other entities or individuals who need help in maintaining their accounts professionally.


With the use of this tool, you can gain access to your accounts anywhere in the world. All that you need in an internet and a device that you can use to gain access, whether that be your tablet, laptop, or PC. You can sign in with your credentials and you will have all data right in front of you. You can also find receipts, invoices, cash books, etc. online and use them as per your need. This means that you not only save money that would otherwise be spent on hiring employees but also have the facility to work on the go.


If you haven’t used such a software before or want to be sure that the tool is right for you, you can see the demo or sign up for the trial version. This will help you understand how everything works and give you the confidence to work on the software. Once the trial period is over, you can pay the subscription charges and have full access to the tool and its features. However, different subscription plans are available at and you will have to decide what’s best for you.