Desiree Gruber



Desiree Gruber possesses one of those very rare talents to bring the right group of people together at the right time and for the right project. Through Full Picture, a production house, brand management, personal branding and public relations company that she founded and where she serves as chief executive officer,  she has been able to put to good use her rare talents very successfully. Among her greatest achievements is her work as executive producer on Project Runway, the hit reality television show hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. Ms. Gruber received eleven nominations to the Emmy awards for her work on Project Runway. In addition to this, she has also participated in the production of the world renowned Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and has also assisted supermodel Heidi Klum with guidance in the management of her successful career.



As a business investor, she is currently involved in her latest business endeavor through Desiree Gruber DGNL, where she is dedicated to finding and investing on startup companies to help them grow their ideas and help their business project succeed. Specifically, DGNL is an early investor on companies focused on lifestyle, celebrity, fashion and the technology sectors.


Apart from her many business activities, Ms. Gruber is also known for her philanthropic work, serving on several organizations, such as  the US fund for UNICEF in the city of New York, the God’s Love We Deliver organization, as well as a recently crated non profit organization in New York dedicated to the technology sector.