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With an estimated billion monthly active users and with no sign of growth slowing down, Instagram is the fastest growing social media network and an essential marketing tool for any modern business. With its global reach it’s one of the best ways to find new customers, increase your brand awareness and build reputation. Although Instagram is not the largest social media network (Facebook takes the number one slot) it is top of charts for user engagement, with millions more likes and comments on Instagram users’ posts than their equivalent content on either Facebook or Twitter.


Building a following is important to give your brand gravitas and if you are an online personality or blogger it’s the best way to demonstrate your social reach when pitching for sponsor ships and endorsements. For social media influencers the larger you’re following the more money you can command for a sponsored post. So, you can see why your popularity online is not just for vanity. Building a following can take time though, but there is a way to save time. A shortcut to boost your follower numbers is by buying followers for example through Curtidas No Instagram.


They can provide you with real online Brazilian followers and a subsequent boost in engagement to your social media posts. Best of all there is often a snowball effect whereby new followers and better engagement leads to promotion of your posts by Instagram and a second influx of organic followers. Find out more information from their website at:

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