The benefit of the global marketplace of today’s world is that you are not limited to your local community for your customers or your workforce. Successful companies are spread across, states, countries and the globe. All this is great news for the growth of your business and your potential profits but staying in contact with a disseminated workforce and connecting your customers to the right part of your business, wherever in the world that may be, has become somewhat of a challenge.



That is where a Conmutador PBX switch system comes into effect. With the latest digital telecommunications technology your entire company can be seamlessly integrated onto a single private telephone network. Effectively this means that someone in a company office can pick up the phone and call a colleague in the main USA branch, a homeworker in Europe or a travelling appointment on the road somewhere in Australia simply by dialling their extension code and with no connection or minute call costs whatsoever. Similarly any incoming calls from external sources, either through a singular telephone number or a series of local-rate or free-call numbers can be put through to a centralised switchboard in the cloud and either directly transferred to a specific individual on the network by entering their extension number or routed through an automated phone answering system using a pre-recorded greeting and a series of keypad linked questions to help direct the call.  The sort of thing you may be familiar with is calling your cell phone company and being directed to “press 1 for billing” “press 2 for faults” “press 3 for cancellations”.


These types of services were at one time very costly and required an expensive physical infrastructure to be installed in order to route and link telephones and setup a physical exchange. Nowadays though all these services (and many more advanced features beside) can be provide through the cloud and a virtual private network is created to connect your telephone systems. With minimal to no setup costs and no down time you can be up and running and immediately open up new communication channels across your company in order to boost productivity and increase sales. These new digital private networks are also much more reliable and easier to secure through encryption and firewalls than the older style exchanges and switches.


A premier provider of cloud-based switches and PBX systems is Cloud Call Services. They provide exception customer service, fast activations, offer no-tie in periods and can provide all the premium features you need including web management. Learn more about Cloud Call services from their interactive and informative website which can be found at the following web link: . As well as a full breakdown of their services, costs and tutorials you can browse their voices catalogue and choose from over their many voices with pictures and sample clips to help you decide on the right voice for your company telephone system. You can get in touch with them via e-mail, phone or their contact form directly on their website too.