Whether your goal is to lose weight or get a rock-hard gym body, (or both!) you will need to combine the components of good nutrition, cardio exercise and strength training. Contrary to popular belief, strength training is not just for body builders and macho men but a vital component of a complete exercise regime and beneficial for weigh loss, flexibility, sports performance and even your mental well-being. In particular training with free weights, as well strengthening specific muscle groups, helps strengthen your entire core due to using stabilizing muscles throughout your body to balance and support your lifts. Increasing your muscle mass has multiple benefits such as building your strength, metabolic rate and even reducing the risk of injury.


The best thing about weight training is that you only need the Cheapest of gym equipment to get started. No fancy gym membership, treadmill, or sports shoes required. All you need to begin is a cheap dumbbell and the help of online workout videos and internet personal trainers offering a wealth of free advice. You can learn about the various different types of lifts for targeting muscle groups such as rows, bench presses, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and weighted lunges or you could use weights to add resistance and increase the difficulty of your usual aerobic exercise. For fast results use weights with a high intensity interval training program, or in a Cross-Fit or Tabara Routine. Combine weight training with a little cardio fitness, a good night’s sleep, healthy diet and plenty of water for the ultimate gym body at very little cost.



Starting from just a few dollars you can buy inexpensive neoprene dumbbells. These come in a wide range of weights from the very lightest up to about 32lb and are available in a range of colors too. These will be suitable for most uses, but are especially suited to aerobic use and lighter weight lifting, however they aren’t the most durable. For heavier weights, and if you plan to do a lot of explosive lifting or are just plain clumsy and drop your dumbbells a lot, then spending a little more could work out cheaper in the long run as they can withstand a higher level of wear and tear. Whether you decide on neoprene or rubber encased choose a hex shape as you don’t want your new dumbbell rolling away! When purchasing a weight be sure to carefully read the description and be sure of what you are buying, don’t rely on pictures only. Dumbbells can be sold in sets of various different weights, as a pair or even individually so be sure you are comparing the equivalent costs.


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