Carpet Cleaning



Carpet requires more than just vacuuming to keep it clean. A deep cleaning will release and remove bacteria, dirt particles, pet dander and mites that cling to carpet fibers. Not only does this provide a healthier living (or working) environment, but the occasional deep clean can extend the life of your carpet.


Unless you have kids, pets or your home or business receives a lot of traffic, a deep carpet cleaning is only needed once or twice a year. Too much cleaning can wear down your carpet just as much as not treating stains can. Regular vacuuming and spot treatment in between deep cleaning will help maintain your carpet. There are two methods that are generally used to clean carpet: dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Hot water extraction is the more preferred method of the two, as it is the least expensive option and it leaves the least amount of residue behind after cleaning. Residual buildup can lead to re-soiling which means the carpet will need to be cleaned more often.


While it is possible to purchase or rent steam cleaners and clean your carpet yourself, this is a job best left up to professionals. If you live in Atlanta, Georgia or in a surrounding area, you should check out the following website: They are a family owned business who offer affordable carpet cleaning and repair services. They offer same day service and provide service to commercial and residential areas. They also use economically friendly cleaning products that are family friendly as well.