Best Handmade Soap



Does store bought soap irritate your skin, or make it dry and ashy although the soap claims to be moisturizing or contains lotion? That’s because most store-bought soaps are stripped of glycerin and natural oils that provide moisture and protect skin and are replaced with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. Handmade soap is safer for your skin, as it doesn’t contain those nasty chemicals.



It’s not hard to find or make the best handmade soap if you know what oils provide what qualities and what to avoid. Handmade soap is made from a base of water and lye, and an acid mixture of fats and oils is added to produce saponification. Once the soap has saponified and reached its trace stage, essential oils for fragrance and any other ingredients are added. Coconut oil is used frequently in handmade soap recipes because not only does it cause to soap to harden, but it also lathers up nicely. Castor oil and palm kernel oil are good lather producers as well. Olive oil, sunflower oil and cocoa and shea butters are all good choices if you are looking for a moisturizing agent. Other ingredients can be beneficial as well. Oatmeal is good for dry, itchy skin and charcoal is good for purifying skin and cleansing pores.


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