Anonymous Cryptocurrency



With the recent bloom of bitcoins, everyone is out there to make quick cash along the way. It is true that bitcoins now worth a lot of money, and the price has been increasing every day. Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency in the market due to the high market cap. Many people use bitcoins for anonymous transactions, but the question most people ask, is bitcoin really anonymous? There is some truth to that statement. Bitcoin is not entirely anonymous, but it can be anonymous if you are careful, so basically it is pseudo-anonymous. What I mean by pseudo-anonymous is that every transaction you make from one address to another, all your transaction information will be stored in the public blockchain, which everyone can access. What most people do is they try to make new address every time they make a transaction, it does help them to  get some degree of anonymity but it is not completely anonymous. For example, if you have bought bitcoins from a popular retailer by giving them your bank information and your real name then if any of your bitcoin address gets breached, all of your transaction history including your real name will be exposed. There are many tools out there that will help you keep your transactions anonymous but they are not exactly anonymous since all of your information will be stored in the public ledger.

If you are new to the bitcoin network and you’re hoping to make your transactions anonymous, then it is advised to go to the DeepOnion website. DeepOnion is integrally the part of TOR network, they have been successful in providing the untraceable cryptocurrency to the market with prices relatively very low as bitcoins. DeepOnion has been able to hold a reputable position in the cryptocurrency market by introducing a platform of anonymous cryptocurrency. Their other notable feature is the DeepVault, DeepVault essentially works as a vault for your important documents, storing your documents in the DeepVault is same as putting them in an iron chest and putting that chest in the middle of an ocean and no one can reach it. They have also introduced a new tool known as DeepSend that will keep the identity of the sender and the receiver completely anonymous. This method has been tested out using various technologies and many cryptographers were asked to do a review of the new DeepOnion currency, all of their reviews were surprisingly positive. In case, you want to learn more about DeepOnion and how do they carry out their operations, feel free to head over to their website, you can send a message in case you want to know something in depth. Although, all the relevant information has been displayed on their front page, make sure you read that. If you want to buy the DeepOnion cryptocurrency then go to Deep Onion’s website by clicking on this link: on the front page you will you see ‘Cryptopia’ written in the bold letters, you can buy DeepOnion by following that link.