Android App Development




When your established business is ready to make the leap to a more technologically forward brand, or you are looking for ways to help your startup company grow faster, creating an app should be one of the first steps to consider. Why? Because traditional ways of conducting business are changing. No longer is it the case for brick and mortar businesses to lead the way. Today, as our world experience becomes more technologically driven, people need constant and easy access to all types of information, including the services your business provides. Mobile applications and social media are two of the most powerful and modern ways to drum up business, so taking advantage of them is a logical step for any type of enterprise. Halcyon innovation is a leading provider of app development in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. They provide top-notch design and development services, so that their focus is not merely on the technical aspect, but also the aesthetic because it is just as important to have your app running smoothly as well as beautifully design.

Their services are available for both iOS and android app development. All of their service packages are specifically tailored to the needs of each client, according to the size and requirements of your business. From small, new enterprises to established big businesses, Halcyon innovation has been in the business for over ten years. This gives them ample experience to deal with any type of app development project. In addition, their app development package services are categorized in three sizes, differing only in the amount of time devoted to your app, which, again, depends on your needs. All packages cover four major areas of a proper app development, from legal services, to design and development, to social media. All packages – small, medium and large – include limited liability formation, although the large package also add trademark filing and patent services. Design and development hours vary according to the size of the chosen package, ranging from 10 to over 75 design hours and 50 to over 500 development hours. Another important element of their services is helping you publicize your new app. To effectively drum up business requires getting your services and your new app known by a wide audience. This is why Halcyon innovation also includes social media campaigns in their app development packages. The small app development package includes a two month social media campaign on facebook and twitter, while the medium package contains a three month campaign and the large package, a social media campaign lasting over six months. Each package is priced accordingly to the level of services required by the client.

For details and further information on how they may help you in all your app development and website development needs, feel free to visit their website at Check out their portfolio of past app designs and developments, peruse their app development package offerings, and do not forget to contact so they can start assisting you to keep your business growing.