Are you looking for an option that will allow you to travel without your laptops? Well, if you are in the same page, then it might time for you to get introduced with the mini PC stick. These are basically PC on a stick. Does this sound like a joke? Well, the fact is, it is not a joke. It is completely true.


ACEPC T5 is a perfect example of these sticks. It’s a complete PC facility just on a stick. It has in-built Windows 10 which allows you to install and work on any Microsoft product. All you need to do is connect it to a monitor or a TV with the help of HDMI cable which fortunately comes with the PC stick itself.



Apart from loaded with the Windows 10 version, it also has the benefit of having 2 GB Ram, 32 GB storage which can be extended maximum up to 128 GB. Also, it has a high end processor so you can do your work with ease without any interruption. In case you wish to view movies or go through some old photos, you can also do that on this PC stick. This PC stick also comes with the facility to connect to any Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled devices.


So, if you wish to buy this stick then you can have a look at This is the best place to buy your gadget. This stick is available at an affordable price and also the features are well explained on this website, so you can clear all your doubts, in case you have any.