Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors



For accidents at work resulting in an injury that you were not to blame for, Accident Compensation Claim Solicitor will take on your case, assess your damages, work with you to gather evidence, including arranging for medical reports, and process any claim or court paperwork, represent you in proceedings if necessary, or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. In many cases this can all be at no cost to the injured party, since the solicitor’s costs can be recovered from the party at fault, or in the case that a claim is unsuccessful they may agree to write-off their account entirely.


Whether you have suffered a physical or psychological injury, if someone else it to blame then you can expect to receive compensation to cover both your general damages (i.e. pain and suffering) and special damages. Special damages include any and all associated expenses to yourself, such as loss of earnings, medical treatment costs, costs of ongoing therapy or care assistance, and any out of pocket expenses you may have incurred such as temporary accommodation, vehicle hire etc. If your employer is found at fault you may be in line for financial recompense


A great website with more information you can check out is Claims Advice, they offer information on personal injury, workplace injury and work stress injury related claims, and can put you in touch with a UK based solicitor on a conditional fee basis (no win, no fee). You can find their website at the following url: